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Winter Appeal

Vision21's objective is to offer comfort and nourishment to individuals in dire need. Our goal is to raise SGD $100,000 to support refugee camps based in Turkey. https://give.vision21.sg/

Recurring Friday/Fajr donation made simple

Donate on the best of days with us

Scheduled donations to any charity, non-profit, religious, or preferred organization are automatically processed and sent directly to the recipient, either every Friday or on other auspicious dates.


To provide a convenient, automated scheduler for the users and a forecasting platform for the recipients.


The best donation scheduler for you.

Multiply your blessings

Convenient, Consistent & Transparent


GivingFridays: Your Donation Scheduler with Forecasting Capability

We created this video to show you what we're all about.

Your blessings on autopilot

Our focus is on inculcating a self-sustainability mindset. We work closely with community contributors and other non-profit organizations that are striving to achieve similar objectives.



▫Busy professionals and homemakers
▫Never miss the opportunity to be consistent in your ibadah

Waqf Managers

▫Administrators of cash Waqf
▫Potentially preserving the continuous blessing for those that we care dearly for


▫Business owners and Investors
▫Charities, Non-Profits, and Religious organizations

How it works

Unleash the power of your scheduler!

As long as you have access to internet, you can setup an automated recurring Friday/Fajr donations to your favourite organization.

Set it up once and the app will do all the work for you.

What is a payment gateway?

What is PayPal?

How PayPal works


▫Schedule future recurring donation via the platform
▫Authorize payment gateway to disburse funds to recipient according to donor's schedule


▫Global partner of payment gateway
▫Authorized by recipient
▫Create the application for scheduling donations
▫Provide live dashboard and financial forecast


▫Onboard donor, platform and recipient
▫Receive donor's payment authorization
▫Transfer donations based on schedule direct to recipient
▫Provide security of transaction


▫Verified by payment gateway
▫Approve platform to list their entity as a recipient
▫Receive donor's funds via payment gateway
▫Plan activities based on financial forecast

What fees are involved?

The $300 onboarding fee is WAIVED for the initial 100 registered recipients

For Recipients

You are the heart and soul of the community. For the initial 100 registrations, the GivingFridays scheduling application is absolutely free for you.

No membership fees
No monthly maintenance fees

LOWEST cost per $ donated

For Donors

May you find a place in Jannah (Paradise).

Platform fees:
Singapore: 0.5% + SGD 0.25
Malaysia: 0.5% + MYR 0.75
Choose to "Cover" or "Deduct" the platform fees

The above fees are per successful domestic transaction
Platform fees are dependent on the payment method selected (Credit/Debit Card or FAST transaction)

Let us explain further

When you schedule your donations through GivingFridays, you can be confident that you’ll never miss the chance to maintain your consistency in ibadah (worship). With one of the lowest costs per donated dollar, a higher percentage of your donation goes directly to the intended recipients.

A registered user of GivingFridays who gives funds to a Recipient is a Donor.

The Donor’s funds must not be proceeds from serious crimes or criminal sources.

The Donor must have a valid credit/debit/Visa/Master card linked to a payment gateway account.


To be a Recipient, you need to be a legitimate entity, verified by the payment gateway and you need to authorize us to list your organization on our platform

At the moment, the concept is only applicable in Singapore, Malaysia, open to Charities, Non-Profits, and Religious organizations

Our payment gateway provider “PayPal” is Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant. They hold certification under many programs and standards, including the Visa Cardholder Information Security Program, Mastercard Site Data Protection Program and the American Institute of Certified Public Accountant’s Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements No. 18 SOC 1.

As one of the world’s largest payment institution, they encrypt personal and financial data, to ensure the customers and merchants stay safe and secure online. When you log in to PayPal, you connect with Transport Layer Security (TLS) and only with an HTTPS connection (HSTS). Their Information Security Policies and Controls are reviewed by independent third parties.

PayPal Pte. Ltd. (3PL). 3PL has applied for a license under the Singapore Payment Services Act with the Monetary Authority of Singapore. During this statutory transitional period, 3PL is operating under an exemption from holding a license and is allowed to continue to provide specific payment services.



PayPal shall remain independent to adjust its payment gateway fee taking into several factors, commercial or otherwise and as it may deem fit. Donors are disclaimed in advance and advised that the current payment gateway fees visible on the website is indicative in nature and may vary subject to the changes made by PayPal.

As an alternative to Credit/Debit card payments, we are currently exploring Fast And Secure Transfers (FAST) funds transfers between participating banks and non-bank financial institution with best-in-class integrated digital solution providers. Details will follow.


No, we will execute the charge based on your schedule. If you schedule $10 every Friday for 15 weeks. We will not charge in advance $150 and disburse to the recipient $10 every Friday. Instead every Friday, payment gateway will charge your card $10 and transfer the fund to the Recipient’s payment gateway account on the same day (after deducting fees). It will execute this instruction until the cycle reaches 15 weeks.


Platform Fee: Payable towards the usage of our website, dashboard and the donation scheduler/forecast.

Payment Gateway Fee: According to PayPal merchant fees (dependent on the business nature of the Recipient) was agreed in advance between PayPal-Recipient and is exclusively charged by PayPal to the Recipient. Please note that the Payment Gateway Fee is independent of our services and is payable only to PayPal, and we shall not remain entitled to the said fee or any part thereof. 


When using our services, only platform fees are chargeable by us. Payment Gateway fees or PayPal fees is an arrangement between them and the Recipient. If you intend to pay for those fees, you will need to calculate those fees based on PayPal website and add those amount to your original figure.  

Domestic Transaction (powered by PayPal and in Singapore):
When Recipient is identified by payment gateway as a Charity, Non-Profit and Religious Organization.
Platform Fees: 0.5% + SGD 0.25 (Between Donor and Platform)
PayPal Fees: According to PayPal merchant fees preferential rates. (Between PayPal and Recipient)

When Recipient is identified by payment gateway as Non-Charity, Profit and Non-Religious Organization.
Platform Fees: 0.5% + SGD 0.25 (Between Donor and Platform)
PayPal Fees: According to PayPal merchant fees (Between PayPal and Recipient)

Domestic Transaction (powered by PayPal and in Malaysia):
When Recipient is identified by payment gateway as a Charity, Non-Profit and Religious Organization.
Platform Fees: 0.5% + MYR 0.75 (Between Donor and Platform)
PayPal Fees: According to PayPal merchant fees preferential rates. (Between PayPal and Recipient)

When Recipient is identified by payment gateway as Non-Charity, Profit and Non-Religious Organization.
Platform Fees: 0.5% + MYR 0.75 (Between Donor and Platform)
PayPal Fees: According to PayPal merchant fees (Between PayPal and Recipient)

Domestic Transaction (powered by FAST and in Singapore):
Under construction

Cross Border:
Under construction

Platform fee shall be held applicable when Donor chooses to “Cover” on the platform fee option. Upon choosing this option the Donor covers the cost of the platform fee which is then added to the original scheduled amount. Upon doing so, 100% of the original scheduled funds are transferred directly to the Recipient. Platform fee is calculated on the total amount paid. If the Donor choose to “Deduct” the platform fee option, the platform fee is then deducted from the scheduled amount and the balance of the funds is directly transferred to the Recipient. Recipient shall receive the amount after deducting the applicable platform fee.

The platform fees are always calculated on the total amount paid and calculation limited to 2 decimal points.


Upon each successful scheduling of donation and completion, Platform shall inform the Donor and Recipient and notify them by way of an email. The email shall inform the Donor and Recipient that the donation is sent to Donor choice of Recipient via Payment Partner. Payment partner shall also send a notification to the Donor and Recipient informing them that the funds have been transferred to the Recipient via an email.

Each Recipient has the option to set the minimum sum per transaction prior to allowing each donor to request for a receipt directly to them. Once the Recipient has exercised that option, the minimum sum will be reflected in the create donation’s page.

In the event the option is not exercised, each donor will receive email notification from the platform and payment gateway.

If the donor still wishes to get a receipt directly from the Recipient, they may use the platform transaction ID and email to the Recipient directly.

During the registration process, Recipient will declare their Institution of Public Character (IPC) status, if they qualify as one, the Platform will activate their tax deduction “opt in” or “opt out” feature. 

Donors shall also be allowed to apply for tax deductions and attain the receipts of donations made by them. Provision of Tax deduction and receipts shall remain subject to submission of information such as name, email address, mobile number and NRIC. All such information shall also be shared with Recipients pursuant to our receipt of Donor’s consent in the form of applicable disclaimers and disclosures.

FYI, mosques in Singapore are not an IPC and therefore do not qualify for tax deduction.


All successful donations made through GivingFridays are non-refundable. Donations made to a Recipient will be for that organization only and there shall be no replacement or substitution of donations between organizations.

Only future scheduled donations can be cancelled.

In the unfortunate event that you have to cancel your donation, you can do so by;
▫ Login to https://app.givingfridays.com
▫ Navigate to “Donate”, “My Donation”.
▫ Select the donation card that you want to cancel.
▫ Click “Donation Setting”, “Cancel this donation”, “Yes, cancel”
▫ All future donations will be cancelled immediately.

If you have to cancel on behalf of a third party (for example a donor who has deceased), you will have to contact us via email and we will assist you accordingly. For such requests, we will need the relevant documentary.



Why support us

Every dollar you donate to us will be used to further develop our app. By sponsoring the development of our application codes, you'll be contributing to the infrastructure of our platform. This will be your investment for the hereafter.


Account Name: Givingfridays Pte. Ltd.


We will show you how easy it is to:
▫ Automate your Friday/Fajr donation and collection.
▫ Accurately forecast your revenue.
▫ Manage your donors and your campaigns.

GivingFridays is a ground-up initiative (GUI) aimed toward a more collaborative community

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Enhance your community

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of others

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