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GivingFridays is your donation scheduler, the perfect solution for busy individuals like you.

As a registered user, you will gain access to dashboards and financial forecasting tools.

Our Journey

What you want to do does not exist!

We need to be better

As a dedicated volunteer, I personally experienced the profound financial challenges our beloved religious institution faced due to the far-reaching effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting restrictions.

In July 2020, we earnestly reached out to local banks and financial experts to explore ways in which our religious community could conveniently and automatically contribute online every blessed Friday. Regrettably, the response we often received was, ‘Such a method or platform is not currently available’.

GivingFridays online survey (Jan 2021)
Not aware of any platform that is able to automate donation on Fridays 85%
Support GivingFridays concept & initiative 80%
Will utilise the scheduler immediately when available 75%
Working adults 75%
Males 60%
Females 40%

Would the congregants accept this new concept?

We need to know what they want

The results from an online survey carried out on January 2021 revealed that 85% of the participants were not aware of the existence of any automated platform capable of allowing donors to donate on Fridays. 70% of those surveyed opined that they would utilise such a service if it existed and 75% would continue to use it even after the pandemic has been resolved.

It gave us the motivation to pursue this project.

How do we set it up?

Run it as a international corporation

As we serve the masses, we need to practise transparency, keep our fees low, and adhere to the rules.

After seeking out subject matter experts on AMLA, MAS and MCCY, we eventually established GivingFridays as a service provider regulated by Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA).

Which process flow do we select?

Comply with Anti-money Laundering and Counter-terrorism Financing requirements

The eCommerce structure is another area that needs to be addressed. How can funds be transferred directly from the Donor to the Recipient? We moved from a Direct method to Escrow before finally partnering with PayPal, where we completed the process.

This is just the beginning

Blessings for you, from you

We founded with the hope that a regulated and uninterrupted act of giving could prevail.

We aim to build greater social resilience by being more responsive to the needs of the vulnerable groups in our society.

About our Founder

His Journey

With more than 25 years’ experience in After-Market Business working for several Multinational Corporation across Asia Pacific, I had the opportunity to travel the region and witness the challenges and plight of its people. I began to fully appreciate what it meant to give back to society. 

Serving the community

I have been volunteering since my youth, watching and learning from my father as he led the local Qaryah (Neighbourhood) committee from 1984. I was blessed in 2012 to be appointed as a board member in one of the mosques in the western part of Singapore.

This was indeed a privilege as it enabled me to reach out and impact the Muslim community at-large.

I am grateful to be a part of the religious authority 50's pathfinder project, strategic leadership programme and a member of Cluster Qaryah committee. I am here to serve.

Hj Hairmann

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