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▫ Automate your Friday/Fajr collection.
▫ Accurately forecast your revenue.
▫ Engage your donors and manage campaigns.
▫ Amplify your fundraising through social media management and data analytics.

Customize the application for your website

The application operates under one of the Recipient’s qualified domain names.

User registration will utilize the Platform’s Authentication and Authorization services

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Track Your Revenue
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You can forecast your donations on a monthly, cumulative, and rolling twelve-month basis. This empowers you to more effectively manage your cash flow and plan for your monthly operational requirements, ensuring the sustainability of your organization

Drive success with customized campaigns

Unleash the power of your campaigns with our 6 easy steps, empowering you to take control of your funds and track your success with unwavering confidence.

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Givingfridays' emergency reliefs

Under construction!

GivingFridays is gearing up to assemble winter packages in support of Non-Profit Organization as they provide crucial emergency relief aid to nations in crisis.

Become a recipient in 3 easy steps

Step 1

You are a legitimate organization

At present, our service is exclusively accessible in the domestic markets of Singapore and Malaysia. Nevertheless, we hold the capability to conduct transactions in countries where PayPal is in operation. For further information or inquiries, kindly reach out to us via the form above.
You should be a:
▫ Charity, Non-Profit or Religious Organization;
▫ Other Organization*.
* You will be entitled to non-preferential rates indicative at 30% off PayPal transaction fees depending on volume.

Step 2

Register with Payment Gateway

If you are already onboarded with the payment gateway, you may skip this step.

Our payment gateway will conduct Know Your Client (KYC) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) checks on all recipients. You will be required to furnish the requisite supporting documents.

Upon successful registration and onboarding, your organization will receive a unique account number and access to the payment gateway rates.

Step 3

Authorize us to list your organization

Upon receiving your payment gateway unique account number, you will gain access to your dashboard. To finalize your registration, simply log in to our website and click the 'Connect PayPal Account' button.

Your organization will then be listed as one of the recipients, and you will have access to a new donation stream, along with your unique donation and forecasting dashboard.

Welcome aboard! We are excited to embark on this wonderful journey together.

What fees are involved?

The $300 onboarding fee is WAIVED for the initial 100 registered recipients

Our Recipients

GivingFridays extends our heartfelt gratitude to all the board members, management, staff, and volunteers of the charity, non-profit, and religious organizations. Thank you for your unwavering support, dedication, and tireless efforts in enriching the community and serving as a source of hope and purpose.

Summary of your donors' contributions

Display a summary of all successful, pending, failed, and cancelled transactions.

Overview of your monthly transactions

Displays the monthly donors’ contribution for the selected year.

Accumulative monthly transactions

Displays the cumulative monthly donors’ contribution for the selected year.

12 months rolling forecast

Displays the monthly donors’ contribution for the upcoming 12 months.

Withdrawing your consent to be listed on our platform

Option 1

By email

The withdrawal of any onboarded organization represents a significant loss to the community. We kindly request you to reconsider your decision. However, if circumstances necessitate the removal of your organization from our list of recipients, please reach out to us at, and we will provide the necessary assistance.

Option 2

Direct via Payment Gateway portal

You also have the option to withdraw your consent directly through your payment gateway portal.

When you remove us as one of your authorized partners via the payment gateway portal, all scheduled donations made through us to your organization will be terminated. This will result in immediate cancellation of all donations made by donors on their dashboards, and no future donations can be directed to your organization.

Revoking your authorization to be listed on our platform

We reserve the rights to accept or deny your application to be a Recipient. Your authorization to be listed your organization as a Recipient may be revoked without having a the need to provide a reason. You will be notified via your registered email.

Registered Recipients

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