Invest in this lifetime, for the next is your donation scheduler

Blessings for you, from you

Scheduling Your Donation in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Set up an account with us

▫ User Email address
▫ Enter your code

This gives you access to our application and your dashboards.

Step 2

Schedule your donations

▫ Click 'Campaigns' or 'Donate & create donations'
▫ Enter your schedule
▫ Click 'Activate Now'

You will be redirected to Payment Gateway for authorization.

Step 3

Authorize your payment

▫ Login to Payment Gateway
▫ Ensure accuracy of information
▫ Authorize payment

Once you authorize the payment, you will have access to your donation cards and dashboards.

Real-Time access to your dashboards

Monitor and manage your scheduled donations

Summary of your charitable contributions

Display a comprehensive list of all draft, active, and completed donation cards. Simply click on each card to unveil the scheduling details.

Overview of your monthly transactions

Displays the monthly donation status for the selected year.

Accumulative monthly transactions

Displays the cumulative monthly donation status for the selected year.

Charts for each individual recipient

Displays the donation status towards individual recipient for the selected year.

Discover campaigns aligned with your cause

Explore inspiring campaigns making a meaningful impact and find your perfect match.

Directory of registered recipients

Browse through our extensive directory containing all registered recipients and learn more about their missions and impact.

You have the option to cancel your donation at any time

Step 1

Login to GivingFridays scheduling page

▫ User Email address
▫ Enter your code

So that you have access to our application and your donation cards.

Step 2

Identify your donation ID

▫ Go to "Donate" page
▫ Go to "My Donation" sub page, select the donation ID that you want to cancel
▫ Click on "Donation Settings"
▫ Click on "Cancel this donation"

All future donations will be cancelled immediately.

For third party

Cancellation on behalf

To initiate a cancellation on behalf of someone else, such as a deceased donor, please reach out to us via email.

To process this request, we kindly request that you provide the necessary documentary proof and identification details. Your cooperation is essential in assisting us with this process