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Information required.

We may, solely at our own discretion, provide our services to other organizations based in Singapore or in other countries.

Conditions to be a Recipient.

Legitimate entity
Currently, this service is only open to the Singapore & Malaysia domestic market. This service is not available to individuals.

You should be a:

  1. Religious Organization
  2. Muslim Organization with Society, Charity or Institutions of Public Character (IPC) status.

Register with GivingFridays

See draft service level agreement (SLA) GF-SLA Template 20230207, the information listed below will be required when you submit the GivingFridays SLA

A: Registration information required. Please replace the area marked yellow with your details.


Registered Legal Name:

To appear on the platform


PayPal login primary email:

As per your email used to login to your PayPal account


GivingFridays’ User email:

Please go to and register your email with GivingFridays.


IPC status (live or not applicable):

Yes or No (period from ? to ?)

In order to register “your new GivingFridays user email”

  1. Please go to
  2. At the login page, please key in “your new GivingFridays user email”
  3. A code will be sent to that email
  4. Retrieve the code and enter the code to the GivingFridays login page

Your GivingFridays account is set up. Initially as a user/Donor (Green menu header on the application). Go to Step C in order for it to be converted to a user/Recipient (Blue menu header on the application) or the admin manager of a registered Recipient.

B: White-label placement


Fully qualified domain name for white label placement:

Example or or

This sub domain is where we place the GivingFridays application. You need to create a sub domain to your organization domain name.

To set it up:

  1. Login in to your organization domain name
  2. Add record type: CNAME
  3. Add sub domain: “your sub-domain name”
  4. Add target:

Click to check if the recipient is properly linked

C: Complete the online onboarding (Convert your user account to a recipient account)

  1. After you have A1, A2, A3, A4 & B1. Let us know at
  2. We will set up the back end records with PayPal.
  3. Once we are completed with the back end entry, we will ask you to login again to with your A2 email.
  4. Login and continue with the PayPal onboarding process (connecting your PayPal A1 to your GivingFridays account A2).
  5. Once completed, your organization is ready to receive & track donations as a Recipient.

Return the signed SLA document to

Last updated: 07 Feb 2023