Doing tasks manually does not allow individuals and organizations to turn their objectives into reality these days. Paper-based systems are prone to errors and donations collected manually are rarely recorded accurately. The consequences of using manual systems are far-reaching. They range from costly errors to time-consuming activities.

Automating your donations allows you to complete your charity processes in a much shorter period of time. Using a platform like Giving Fridays to automate your donations makes the process seem almost seamless. Donors can sign up on Giving Fridays and record their names, contact details and billing details. All this information is retrievable anytime. In case an error occurs which will be an unusual case, the user can instantly see where it came from or what caused it, and rectify it immediately.

Using Giving Fridays also helps in keeping all your transactions transparent. Some might view transparency as an endeavor that is simply too expensive to pursue. However, technology has made this quite simple. When you make donations through Giving Fridays, your recipients would know where each donation came from.

All in all, when the donation process is automated, time is saved and one is able to fulfil the obligation of giving charity to those in need in a much more efficient way.