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In our pursuit of becoming better human beings and fostering kindness, our faith teaches us the importance of being “muslih” – those who do good and contribute to the betterment of society. To achieve this noble goal, we must be ever mindful of those around us, working towards the development of self, family, and society. This is the essence of a prosperous and compassionate Islamic society, and it all begins at the grassroots level – in our Qaryahs.

Qaryahs play a pivotal role in connecting the community with the mosque, and this relationship is nurtured through a set of comprehensive guidelines. As a District Qaryah Committee member, I witness the tremendous impact our Qaryah leaders have made.

Our journey started with the Qaryah Handbook, and we were excited to roll out numerous initiatives in February 2020. However, as fate would have it, the global pandemic struck, and our plans were shelved for several months. In this challenging period, a new board took charge, and a fresh set of Qaryah committee members emerged.

In March 2023, we kickstarted our new term with a Qaryah seminar. During these discussions, we delved into the needs and visions of our Qaryah leaders, striving for a clearer direction to co-create a common goal.

In August 2023, we engaged in discussions with district west leaders and senior managers from MUIS. These talks revolved around the vital functions of our Qaryahs, their activities, and administrative concerns. It was a gratifying experience as the Qaryahs had the opportunity to address their concerns directly to the Deputy Chief Executive of MUIS.

The pinnacle of our journey came in September 2023, with the organization of the first National Qaryah Seminar. It was an honor to have the Chief Executive of MUIS in attendance, with sharing sessions led by various Qaryah leaders. The Q&A session allowed for open dialogue, followed by an inspiring speech by the Deputy Mufti.

As we approach the end of the year, the post-National Qaryah Seminar in October 2023 provided the perfect platform to reflect on our journey. We summarized the insights gained from the three seminars and agreed on an action plan that includes succession planning, a comprehensive database, and training and upskilling initiatives. Our aim is to unite and expand the Qaryah groups in Singapore, fostering even greater prosperity, unity, and kindness in our community.

In closing, I want to express my heartfelt appreciation and admiration for our dedicated Qaryah leaders. Your commitment to strengthening our community and fostering kindness is truly inspiring. As we move forward with our action plan, let us continue to work together, hand in hand, to make our Qaryahs and mosques even more vibrant and integral parts of our society. Thank you for your invaluable service, and I look forward to the many successes we will achieve together.

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