Delighted to participate in the second BoardConnect forum organized by NVPC’s Centre for Non-Profit Leadership an exclusive event centered around the crucial theme of “Developing a Sustainable Funding Model.” This insightful gathering highlighted the challenges and prospects faced by charity boards in their pursuit of long-term financial support.

Securing sustainable funding stands as a paramount challenge for charity boards in today’s landscape. Often, traditional approaches prioritize immediate funding sources and grants, inadvertently overlooking the immense potential of ongoing, long-term funding streams. However, with shifting dynamics and evolving donor expectations, it becomes vital for charities to adapt and explore diversified avenues for financial stability. The forum’s purpose was to equip charitable organizations with the knowledge and tools necessary to transition from conventional funding channels to sustainable funding models.

The forum brought together a panel of distinguished experts, including Ms. Georgette Tan Adamopoulos Tan, Mr. Aaron Yeoh, Mr. Lim Soon Ying, and Ms. Felicia Chua. Their collective expertise and rich insights illuminated the path to developing sustainable funding streams aligned with strategic fundraising goals. By harnessing different funding sources, charities gain a competitive edge in advancing their missions and creating lasting social impact.

The event successfully addressed the pressing challenges faced by charity boards in securing long-term financial support, providing invaluable insights into the diverse range of sustainable funding streams available. Armed with this knowledge, our organization is poised to embrace innovative strategies that contribute to our growth and sustainability. By aligning our fundraising goals with our broader strategic vision, we possess the confidence to create positive and enduring change within our community.

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